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Laura Lundsten

Laura Lundsten is the owner and director of L2: Modern Dance Project. She was born and raised in Sarasota, FL and started dancing at the age of four. Her training continued through Jayde Howard’s Dance Legacy during her younger years and Soul Studios Dance through highschool. She began teaching and assisting children while a teenager. Knowing that she wanted to continue her knowledge of dance, Laura enrolled and graduated from the University of South Florida. During her time there Laura was able to learn from instructors and choreographers from Beijing, China, Paris, France, and many more artists in the states and around the world. At the same time Laura began teaching adult students as well.
Once graduated and armed with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Modern Dance Performance, Laura decided to leave Florida and move to Denver Colorado to pursue her teaching aspirations. Teaching dance had always been her passion and she was very excited to share her knowledge with others. When Laura learned that there were not many codified modern techniques in the Denver area, she knew what she had to do. She created L2: Modern Dance Project to offer some of the traditional modern styles that were not currently available to local dancers.

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