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Sharon Wehner

Sharon Wehner is a dancer, teacher, and movement coach.  She enjoyed a fulfilling 22-year career as a Principal Dancer with the Colorado Ballet and has had the opportunity to travel the world as a guest artist, working with companies and renowned choreographers throughout her field. She currently performs as a freelance artist and teacher and recently made Denver Dance Center the home of her Dance and Movement Coaching business. Sharon loves working with people of all ages and abilities to find more health, vitality, and joy in their bodies through modalities such as ballet, yoga, Dance for Parkinson’s disease and mobility challenges, and the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods.  She runs a mentoring program for teen and pre-professionals to help aspiring dancers develop holistic mind-body practices that support their dance journeys. Sharon is also a certified sports nutrition coach and member of the International Association of Dance Medicine.

Since moving to Colorado in 1995, Sharon has enjoyed being an active member of the Dance and Arts community throughout Colorado.  She is passionate about making quality dance opportunities available to all populations, which is why she is honored to take on the reins of Denver Dance Center in October 2023.  She believes that DDC is an integral part of the Colorado dance community and is excited to carry the legacy that Kris Kehl began forward into the future…supporting the dancers, teachers, and companies that call DDC their home. 

You can learn more about Sharon Here:

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