Joel Zavala Jr.


A Colorado native, Joel is not a newcomer to Zumba. In fact his first foray into the world of Zumba was in 2014 at the age of 29, seven years ago. In 2021 Joel made the decision to step into the next level of obtaining a Zumba Instructor License and officially becoming a Zumba Instructor. 


Zumba originally was just a way for Joel to enjoy an exercise routine. Now that exercise routine has become a passion that excites him with positive energy and puts a smile on his face. 


The ultimate goal for Joel is to share his passion for Zumba with everyone that attends his classes. 


About the Class:

Please arrive early. We will start at the exact scheduled time. Bring plenty of water, bring a towel & an extra set of clothes, if you like, since we will be sweating. Our bodies will be moving for exactly one hour and because of this it is important that everyone listens to their bodies to avoid any type of injury. 

Zumba class WELCOMES - ALL Religions, ALL Races, ALL Countries, ALL Sexual Orientations, ALL Genders & ALL Age. 

Contact Joel at with any questions.