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Greg Gonzalez

Gregory Gonzales graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Sports Fitness/Kinesiology and Dance Minor. He was a dance scholarship recipient and Best Dancer Award winner while there. His teachers include: Larry Boyette, Dr. Sandra Minton, Karen Genoff-Campbell, James Clouser, Milenko Banovic, Jeanette Triomphe to name a few. Gregory has danced with several companies over the years, both ballet and modern. These include: The Dance Connection, David Taylor Dance Theater, Nevada Dance Theater, Ballet Arizona, Wylliams-Henry Dance Theater, Opera Colorado, Ballet Pacifica, Kim Robards Dance, Les Ballet Grandiva, Zikr Dance Ensemble, Ballet Ariel and the Colorado Ballet. He spent the bulk of his career at Colorado Ballet where he was promoted to Principal Dancer in 1997. Gregory has had the opportunity to work with many leading choreographers both past and present such as Christopher Wheeldon, Stanton Welch, Milton Myers, Doug Varone and Toro Shimuzake and to dance in ballets ranging from classical and romantic periods to Balanchine, Graham and contemporary works.

Gregory also choreographs and was a Choreographer in Residence for the Colorado Ballet from 2003-2004. He created and/or collaborated on ballets such as Carmina Burana, Peter Pan, Broken Web, Incantation and Last Breath. He has choreographed for the University of Northern Colorado, The Dawson-Wallace Dance Project, Ballet Ariel, The Denver Independent Choreographer’s Dance Project, Denver School of the Arts, Presenting Denver Dance Festival, Engage Movement Arts, etc.

Gregory was adjudicated and is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors and is recommended in rapier and dagger. He founded On Edge Productions with three other colleagues and created shows, both comedy and drama, that featured stage combat.
Gregory currently dances with Colorado Ballet as a resident guest artist and with Ballet Ariel. He teaches dance, acting for dancers and floor barre. He also teaches anatomy using the Anatomy In Clay® System to dancers and for Anatomy In Clay® Centers.

He has played guitar and bandoneon for the Natural Tango Tipica Orquesta and studied Argentine Tango and has created and directed work for Tango Colorado and Parasol Arts. Gregory is a recipient of the Legends of Dance Award for 2019 from the Dance Archive University of Denver.

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